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            Ready-prepared articles on climate change


  • 980919  Volcanoes change the climate  Krakatoa, the volcanic isle which exploded with spectacular violence in 1883, lies just west of the Indonesian island of Java – not “East of Java
  • 000325  More on volcanoes and climate   Our planet seems to be suffering a bout of indigestion at the moment. During recent months several well-known volcanoes at widely
  • 990918  Warnings of the greenhouse effect 120 years ago  Perusing a 55-year old copy of ‘Weather’ magazine, I was interested to see, amidst titles such as “Meteorology in Grammar
  • 991204   1999 – the warmest year on record?  One has to be careful when calculating the temperature averaged throughout the year not to omit anything. An official spokesman claimed
  • 991211  Hype becomes an industry  A sea-level rise of 70 metres (235 feet) in ten generations: that, according to the tabloids and even some radio and TV news bulletins, is
  • 000617  Weather cycles: fact or fiction?  Most weather enthusiasts are lovely people but there are two small groups that are very irritating: the weather cyclists and the Scandinavian
  • 000909  Global cooling in the mid-20th century  Whenever we in Britain experience a spell of unusual or exceptional weather we love to think that it's something brand new, so naturally
  • 011027  Kilimanjaro snows disappearing  Snow falling at the equator? As an eight-year old swot, convinced that I was a better geographer than Mr Evans, my class teacher, I knew that
  • 011117  18th century views on climate change  Changing climate or no, there is one sentiment which pervades our feelings about the weather during our lifetimes: it isn't what it
  • 011229  Climate changes but weather stays the same  It was a year when unusual weather events frequently occupied the headlines, several records were broken, and many people were
  • 020105  The North Atlantic Oscillation  The North Atlantic Oscillation (NAO) has seized the attention of the news media in Europe and North America during the last two years. The thrust
  • 020119  The climate before instruments were invented  The question that immediately springs to mind when the boffins talk about severe winters in the Middle Ages, let alone wet
  • 020216  Climate change in the late-1940s  Over 50 years ago climate historians were, in that restrained fashion typical of academics and government scientists of the day, rather excited by
  • 020309  The effects of El Nino  Climatologists at the Climate Prediction Center, part of the American Weather Service, have been warning for two or three months that a new El Nino
  • 980208  The record-breaking El Nino of 97-98 Meteorological interest in January 1998 focused on the western seaboard of the USA. Two major Pacific storms tracked much further
  • 980510  El Nino – an overview  El Nino has been blamed for many things. I sometimes joke with colleagues that you need look no further than El Nino for general election results, sporting
  • 021228  Our warming winters  The winters of the last 15 years have been mostly mild and snow-free, but there have also been occasional spells of wintry weather. Some of these
  • 030118  A cold snap doesn’t disprove global warming The recent cold weather lasted long enough for the usual suspects to come out of the woodwork and claim that it was proof that
  • 030607  Britain’s summers are drying out  The suggestion that the English summer is drier than it used to be may raise a few hollow laughs around the country. The statistics, however,
  • 030920  September is not getting warmer September is one of the few months of the year which has not shown any significant warming trend in Britain since the middle of the 20th
  • 980308  Pointing the finger  Killer tornadoes in Florida, flash floods and mudslides in California and Peru, drought in Indonesia, torrential downpours in Queensland: there has
  • 980816  A heatwave does not prove global warming  The American Vice-President muddied the waters when he linked a report from government scientists which stated that
  • 981025  What global warming means for western Europe  Recent reports by expert climatologists, both in government service and in the universities, have concluded that a
  • 981213  Britain’s climate and the warm Atlantic  Warm water is important: it has a controlling influence on Britain’s weather especially during the winter half of the year.