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Ready-prepared articles on cold snaps and severe winters


  • 990626   Midsummer cold snaps   Between July 1 and September 10 the temperature in lowland Britain never fails to reach 10ºC (50ºF) on even the coldest days when heavy
  • 000122   1979 – The Winter of Discontent  Jim Callaghan’s government was dogged by industrial relations problems, strikes were exacerbated by secondary picketing, rubbish
  • 011215  December 1981 – the coldest for a century Over 20 years ago Britain endured  one of the coldest and snowiest months of the last century. Severe weather is generally
  • 020126  The record-breaking cold of Jan 1982  Disruptive snowstorms in the UK in the last ten years can be counted on the fingers of one hand, in marked contrast to the 1980s
  • 020504  May cold snaps  Spring has inspired poet and playwright down the ages, and May in particular has captured the imagination of the great writers from Shakespeare to
  • 021214  The Windchill Factor  The concept of windchill is a simple one. But measuring windchill is more complex, involving what physicists call "energy flux".  The cold we feel
  • 021221  The coldest winter of all  The winter of 1962-63 is remembered by all of us who were around at the time; it was easily the coldest winter (not the snowiest – that was
  • 031227  Record-breaking cold, Dec ’95  It is almost impossible to change the view, often heard in casual conversation, that they don’t make winters like they used to. Even
  • 980712  Britain’s coldest summers To some of us a cool summer is a great disappoint-ment weather-wise, but to others it can be a blessed relief from the heat and humidity
  • 981115  The Armistice Day deep-freeze  The very first November 11, almost nine decades ago, was dry and sunny and comparatively mild. It was so very different a year
  • 000723  The July 2000 cold snap   What a difference a week makes. Temperatures returned to the 20s Celsius late in July, but even on the 16th a high of just 12ºC (54ºF)
  • 010311 Record-breaking cold snap, March 2001  A week is a long time in meteorology. March 2001 opened with much of the UK in the grip of a remarkable spell of frost which
  • 011216  Arctic airstreams  A strong north wind swept the country yesterday, delivering very cold air from polar regions. You could almost smell the Arctic pack ice. Such air-
  • 030105  Cold snap, Jan 2003  Floods and freezes have been part and parcel of the British climate ever since mankind first walked these islands, but rarely can one have
  • 030119  Heavy condensation after a cold snap  Heavy condensation is common when cold dry air is replaced by air that is both warmer and moister. If the change occurs
  • 030928  Late-September cold snaps  It snowed last Tuesday over the Scottish highlands, settling on slopes above the 1000 foot level – the first significant snowfall of
  • 031026  Cold weather in late-October 2003  Snow in October may seem a rare enough event to require some special explanation, but last week’s wintry episode has plenty of
  • 9801xx  The cold winter of 1940  "What if ... ?" There is a fashion these days for "what if?" speculation. We find alternative histories discussed in radio programmes,
  • 9605xx  The arctic surge of June 1975  As May gave way to June a cold northerly airflow covered the UK, having originated some way within the Arctic Circle, ground frost
  • 9612xx The cold winter of 1947  Prepare for a blizzard – a blizzard of retrospectives on the winter of 1947 whose 60th anniversary is just around the corner. It was a truly