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Ready-prepared articles on droughts


  • 000930 Drought in October As we turn the corner into October this autumn seems to be running true to type, recent weeks producing several days of wet and windy weather
  • 010622 The drought of 1976 A generation has now grown up with no memory of the famous summer of 1976, for exactly a quarter of a century has now passed since that
  • 011124 Drought in November There has been practically no rain in southern England during the last four weeks: just 5mm (one-fifth of an inch) has fallen at Bognor, Torquay,
  • 020420 The spring drought of 2002 April has a justified reputation for being a dry month, and droughts at this time of the year are regarded with apprehension in farming circles
  • 031025 The long drought of 2003 Late-October downpours eased the drought in parts of southern England and eastern Scotland but amounts of rain in the Midlands, East Anglia
  • 031101 Dry Novembers Of all the months of the year, November is the least likely to be dry. Rainfall shortages are, of course, less noticeable at this season because the lack of
  • 020120 Rain shadow "Rain shadow" is a phrase often used by meteorologists in their day-to-day work, and is occasionally mentioned by television weather forecasters. Some
  • 021013 The autumn drought of 2002 The rains finally arrived in the east of England yesterday after one of the longest autumn droughts in recent times. Much of the Midlands
  • 030223 Does dry air mean a drought? "Scotland drier than the Sahara Desert" ran the television news trail on Tuesday evening. It sounds like a good story; sadly it was based
  • 030330 Droughts are most common in spring Droughts are probably more common in spring than at any other season in Britain, but there have been only a few in March in
  • 030427 The spring drought of 2003 After seven weeks of dry weather the rain finally returned towards the end of April, in desultory fashion at first, but a broad belt of rain
  • 030824 The summer drought of 2003 Last week brought abundant rain to the western highlands but for the rest of the UK amounts of rain have been derisory or non-existent. At
  • 030914 Overnight dew feeds the grass In the arid wastes of what was once green English countryside in East Anglia and the southeast Midlands, the grass is no longer quite as
  • 031019 The autumn drought of 2003 There have been dry Octobers before, but it is eight years since the last one, so you might be forgiven for thinking that they have gone out of
  • 031123 Winter droughts At this time of the year a drought creeps almost unseen through the winter landscape. Gardens are dank, trees drip, playing fields are muddy, roads and
  • 9606xx The Yorkshire Water drought, 1995 Everyone remembers the summer of 95. Record-breaking, it was; a sun-blessed VE-Day bank holiday, an epidemic of sunburnt
  • 9609xx More on the Yorkshire Water drought Viking invaders in Huddersfield and Halifax studiously checking their rain-gauges every morning before going out on the pillage
  • 9702xx Water shortages in the Southeast Importing water from France through the Channel Tunnel that is one of the latest wheezes dreamt up by one of the water-supply
  • 9704xx Drought leads to duststorms We have had all the usual drought stories the water-shortages and hosepipe bans, the rising price of vegetables, the threat of climate