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Ready-prepared articles on rainstorms, deluges, and floods


  • 980808  The Berwickshire flood of 1948   Little more than half a century ago one of Scotland’s most destructive floods struck hardest in the Scottish Borders, especially in
  • 980912  Home Counties Flood, 1968   “Floods Devastate South – Hundreds of Homes Evacuated”; that was the headline in The Times on this day over three decades ago.
  • 990828   The Norfolk flood of 1912   Mention Norwich and canaries in the same breath and most people will think of the city’s football club, nicknamed The Canaries. Few outside
  • 000507   April floods in 2000   The British Museum was half complete; the usual sniping between Britain and France boiled over into the Seven Years War; George II was on the
  • 000603   The Indian Monsoon  This is the time of year when India holds its collective breath. Will the monsoon rains start on time?  Will they be fitful and inadequate? Or will
  • 000805  August deluges down the ages  There is nothing more normal than a wet August. Should this month turn out to be a rainy one there is little doubt that certain
  • 001007  The Horncastle Disaster  On October 6, 1960, an appalling weather disaster struck the small Lincolnshire market-town of Horncastle, located some 15 miles east of
  • 010113   Queensland floods, summer 2000-01   Mount Isa is an important mining centre in northern Queensland, and is now a town of some 30,000 souls. It is one of the largest
  • 010908   The downpours of September 1976  Everyone of a certain age will remember the famous summer of 1976, and most younger readers will have heard all about it from
  • 010915   The Lynmouth disaster  "The day they made it rain" was the provocative and inaccurate title of a recent Radio 4 programme. Its aim was to show that cloud-seeding
  • 020803  More on the Lynmouth flood  The recent torrential downpours have emphasised how powerful and destructive rainstorms can be, even in our equable climate. Rarely,
  • 020323  Floods in the eastern USA, March 2002  A long-lasting drought in the eastern USA was last week relieved by widespread downpours in Kentucky, Tennessee and
  • 020914  Autumn floods in southern Europe Autumn is a season of torrential downpours in countries bordering the Mediterranean. The lethal and destructive flooding which hit
  • 030125  The North Sea flood of 1953   The extraordinary sequence of extreme weather events during 1952-53 culminated on the night of January 31 in a northerly gale of great
  • 030201  Other North Sea floods  In an extraordinary display of chronological symmetry, destructive storm surges tested North Sea coastal defences in January 25, 50 and 75
  • 030621  The London deluge of 1903  In over 300 years of rainfall recording in the capital June 1903 ranks as the wettest individual month, yet there was no rain at all during the first
  • 040220  The Portland flood of 1979  Sea conditions are the product of the behaviour of the wind, not just in the immediate vicinity, but also at a distance – sometimes a great
  • 980412  The Midlands flood of Easter 1998  We should be prepared to accept at face value the National Environment Agency spokesman (they’re the people who look after our
  • 980913  Bangladesh’s annual flooding  Bangladesh, in its 27-year history as an independent nation, has suffered at least 27 natural disasters. Widespread river flooding
  • 981101  How Welsh rain floods the Midlands  Floods in the west Midlands are not always caused by rain in the west Midlands. Rising waters on rivers such as the Wye,
  • 990314  River Derwent flood, March ’99  The floods on the river Derwent which so savagely hit hundreds of homes in Malton, Norton, Stamford Bridge, Elvington and
  • 990801  Flash Flood in Swiss Alps, July 1999 The disaster which overwhelmed the group of young people canyoning in the Lutschine valley above Interlaken, Switzerland
  • 000611 Hebden Bridge flood, June 2000  It took just a few hours for the flood waters to subside, but the residents of Hebden Bridge and Todmorden will live with the aftermath
  • 000924  The great floods of autumn 2000  The rains began in earnest in the middle of September, got heavier and heavier during October and November, and didn’t finally let