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Ready-prepared articles on weather forecasting


  • 981010  The birth of weather forecasting  Probably the most important storm in the history of British meteorology happened during the month of October. No, not THAT one.
  • 990213  The windchill factor  I have a confession to make. The windchill temperature, that ghastly invention which scars the weather forecasts on radio and TV, was first used
  • 990320   Forecasts on the Internet   Old country weather lore – rhymes, proverbs, and similar nuggets of wisdom – was until comparatively recently the chief method of passing
  • 990522   When forecasts go wrong   Weather forecasters in the UK are still dogged by the memory of that storm back in ’87. The damage to our collective reputation was
  • 990529   Forecasting rain in Wales   The man on the radio, setting the scene for the Queen’s visit to Cardiff, was worried that rain was going to spoil the imminent royal
  • 990710   Weather forecast regions   The Queen’s decision to revive the earldom of Wessex for Prince Edward should mean that we all now know where Wessex is, and as
  • 000115   What does ‘average’ mean?  “Average” is one of the most sloppily used words in weather forecasts. One of the problems is that the correct use of statistical terms might
  • 000219   Private sector versus the Met Office  Snow Wars!” shrieked the tabloid headline. It was two decades ago, on February 5, 1985, to be precise, and it marked a
  • 010217  The Jet Stream in weather forecasts  Although the weather has been called "the great British obsession", you only have to compare the coverage in newspapers and
  • 010310  Weather forecasting at sea  "Pass the Bretschneider, please!"  The call must have echoed across hundreds of weather-forecasting offices down the years. But only a
  • 010616  Forecasting during the Gulf War  Over ten years ago the Gulf War was fought to liberate Kuwait which had been invaded and annexed by Iraq in early August 1990. Air
  • 020713  The language of forecasts  Weather forecasters and the recipients of their predictions often talk at cross purposes. Take the word 'fine', for instance. To most of us
  • 020809  Humidity in forecasts  "This afternoon will be very warm and sultry again, with relative humidity of 55 to 60 per cent …"  Such a weather forecast would satisfy a small
  • 030301  What’s a forecasting office like? Weather forecasting has changed completely in the last 50 years,, not just in the accuracy of the predictions, but also in the working
  • 030817  Forecasting for inner cities  The fact that human beings have succeeded, unwittingly, in modifying the climate of urban areas has long been known. Luke Howard
  • 030906  Hot words in forecasts  How hot is hot? Have you ever listened to a weather forecast and found yourself disagreeing strongly with the forecaster? Maybe his
  • 040221  Forecasting waves  Sea conditions are the product of the behaviour of the wind, not just in the immediate vicinity, but also at a distance – sometimes a great
  • 980621  Forecasting showers  Sometimes it is easier to forecast the weather five days ahead than it is to say what’s going to happen in five hours’ time. Here is a perfect
  • 981122 Predicting what kind of winter it will be  Can we tell what sort of winter is coming? More than any other, that is the question I get asked from August bank holiday
  • 990613  Self-styled long-range forecasters get it wrong  Every spring you will find some self-styled long-range forecaster predicting a summer of blistering sunshine and
  • 990830  Hurricane forecasts improve  One of the most important advances in long-range weather prediction in the last decade has been in the forecasting of hurricanes,
  • 000910  Disseminating disaster warnings  Weather forecasting organisations round the world are now pretty good at predicting those violent atmospheric disturbances which
  • 010624  The problems of forecasting cloud cover  One of the most difficult problems that still exist in short-term weather forecasting at the beginning of the 21st century is