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Ready-prepared articles on frost and ice


  • 990313 Frost in California Of all the weather disasters which have struck various parts of the world in recent months, one has passed by with scarcely a mention in the
  • 030315 Early spring frosts in the UK Keen gardeners and horticulturalists are always concerned about frost at this time of the year, and any spell of fine settled weather will
  • 030426 Late spring frosts in the UK Late-spring frosts were described by Professor Gordon Manley, one of the great climatologists of the last century, as a fundamental
  • 980118 The Great Canadian Icestorm Seventeen deaths, three million people without electricity, and 100,000 in emergency accommodation. Those are the bald facts following
  • 981011 Autumn frosts in the UK On average, the first truly frost mornings of the season occur in the last ten days of September in the interior of northern Scotland and
  • 010722 Frost in July During the third week of July 2001 Britain experienced a couple of unusually cold nights for the middle of July. The temperature dropped to zero C (32F) at
  • 030518 May frosts of 2003 Just when you thought it was safe to plant out the new season's young vegetables and bedding plants, along comes a frost keen enough to nip
  • 030929 Late-September frosts, 2003 It snowed last Tuesday over the Scottish highlands, settling on slopes above the 1000 foot level the first significant snowfall of the season