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Ready-prepared articles on heatwaves and hot summers


  • 980117  Winter warmth   Meteorologists and doctors have a lot in common when it comes to social gatherings. Both try to keep quiet about what they do. If they fail they
  • 000408   April heatwaves  April too often brings unexpected reminders of the winter just past, so let us indulge ourselves a little by turning over the coin and remembering just
  • 000610   Heat and humidity  The first heatwave of summer usually reminds us that heat combined with humidity can lead to considerable discomfort, especially when we are not
  • 000812  Heatwave of August 1990   Who remembers Nailstone now? Exactly ten years ago this tiny Leicestershire village was all over the newspapers and it featured repeatedly
  • 000902   September heatwaves  The years 1865, 1890, 1895 and 1929 were unusual. These were the only ones in the last two centuries when September was the warmest
  • 010609   Our hottest summers  We may perhaps console ourselves that the best of weather of the British summer usually comes during July and August – "best", that is, in
  • 010623  The summer of ’76  A generation has now grown up with no memory of the famous summer of 1976, for exactly a quarter of a century has now passed since that
  • 011110  November warm spells  I have always regarded a temperature above 20C as "shirtsleeves weather" (Once, many years ago, I was told off for using that expression in
  • 020209  The warm winter of 2002  It has not been the worst winter on record for the Scottish skiing industry, but there have not been many as bad as this one. There were
  • 020608  “Two fine days and a thunderstorm”    Last weekend's brief hot spell amounted to exactly what the old saying tells us we ought to expect in an English
  • 020706  Dog Days  The 'dog days'  last from July 3 until August 11. This period of high summer was reckoned by the Romans to be the period of greatest heat during the entire
  • 020810  High summer humidity  "This afternoon will be very warm and sultry again, with relative humidity of 55 to 60 per cent …"  Such a weather forecast would satisfy a
  • 030215  February warm spells  Our warmest weather in mid-winter is "imported", brought to us on cloudy south-westerly winds whose origin lies somewhere over sub-
  • 030824  August 2003 heatwave in France  Most of us, I am sure, are familiar with the famous newspaper placard “Fog in Channel; continent isolated” drawn by cartoonist
  • 030830  Are hot summers followed by wet autumns?  The notion that hot summers are inevitably followed by wet autumns has been floating around the news media during
  • 030905  How hot is hot? Have you ever listened to a weather forecast and found yourself disagreeing strongly with the forecaster? Maybe his prediction of a “rather warm”
  • 031004  The 2003 heatwave in the UK  For some of us, of course, the heat was too much. The Gravesend record of 38.1ºC established on August 10 has now been officially
  • 980215  The record-breaking warmth of mid-Feb 1998  Outrageous. It’s the only word for it. The stunning weather of mid-February 1998 was quite unprecedented so early in
  • 990815  Killer US heatwave, summer 1999  Across the Atlantic the excessive heat and humidity which dominated July continued with only fleeting interruptions during August
  • 990926  Do all hot Septembers end in “9”?  September 1999 was the hottest for half a century. This reminded me of one of those statistical quirks that sometimes appear in our
  • 010729  Silly season heatwaves  You know the silly season has arrived when, following two hot days, the tabloid newspapers begin to speculate about the UK breaking its alltime
  • 011104  October 2001 – the warmest ever  Final figures show that last month was the warmest October in more than 340 years of records, smashing the previous record set in
  • 030817 The UK’s hottest day on record A colleague unkindly suggested that Gravesend is hardly the most attractively named town in Britain, and one suspects that its new found