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  • 981121  Australia’s climate  Of Australia’s six state capitals, Brisbane is the only one which has a truly tropical climate – and this is true notwithstanding its location some 250
  • 981219  Christmas in Australia  Antipodean Christmases are often outdoor affairs; soaring temperatures, blazing sunshine, and familiebarbies’ combine to create a picture
  • 990501  The Highlands and Islands   May is the best month of all to visit the highlands and islands of Scotland. Blue skies and warm sunshine are more likely between late-April
  • 000729  Sea-breezes on the beach  We have all noticed, I'm sure, that a brisk breeze always seems to blow at the seaside even on the hottest and sunniest days in summer.
  • 001118  When it rain in Hawaii, it rains!  Our recent rains pale by comparison with the awesome deluges which occur almost every day somewhere or other in the world. We often refer to
  • 020914  September in the Mediterranean  Autumn is a season of torrential downpours in countries bordering the Mediterranean. The lethal and destructive flooding which hit
  • 030726  Climates south of the Equator  Southern hemisphere climates are not at all like those in our hemisphere thanks to the very different distribution of land and sea. The
  • 031018  Autumn in southern Europe Taking a Mediterranean holiday in October is something of a lottery. On the plus side you may avoid the crowds and pay less money
  • 980719  Mediterranean heatwaves  It seems odd to talk about exceptional heatwaves in the Mediterranean region, but that part of the world has its “normal” summer temperature
  • 980823  More on Australia’s climate   It’s difficult to avoid antipodean soap operas on television these days. Even if you are fortunate enough never to have watched one, you
  • 990214  Alpine snow  I could scarcely believe my ears the other morning when I heard Kate Adie, introducing “From Our Own Correspondent” on Radio 4, say that scientists
  • 000709  Heatwaves in Greece  The advice to British holiday makers heading for Greece not to go out in the sun because of the current heatwave seems just a trifle pointless.
  • 9707xx Buying a holiday home  The rising level of the pound against the Euro, if it lasts, may well swell the ranks of British expatriates in Europe – our new colonies in
  • 940300  Holiday weather  There was a time, not so very many years ago, when the climatic information found in holiday brochures was picked and chosen to provide the
  • 940301  The Dordogne  The Dordogne may be a second home to a large number of Britons, but they are probably unaware how similar the climate of the more hilly parts of
  • 940302  Spain’s other Costas  In October 1991 there was considerable embarrassment for the Spanish tourist authority when they were severely censured for claiming that
  • 940303  Exotic winds  Strangely, for one of the windier countries of the world, Britain has comparatively few names for localised winds of different directions and different
  • 940304  Holidays in the Caribbean  The Caribbean islands enjoy heat all the year round, moderately high humidity levels, and regular tropical downpours. That said, there