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  • 980214  The weather-watching taxi driver   Weather is the stock in trade of your average taxi driver. But I wonder how many present day London cabbies have heard of AJ Whiten?
  • 980321  Spring Equinox and the first day of spring   If your diary tells you that March 21 is the first day of spring, it is wrong on two counts. Contrary to popular belief there is no such
  • 000318  More on the first day of spring   Let’s get one thing straight. Here in the UK we do not have an official first day of spring. The custodians of our weathe records count the three
  • 980328  Origin of British Summer Time   “Spring forward; fall back.” Just in case it has escaped your attention, British Summer Time begins at 0200 gmt on the last Sunday in
  • 990327   More on British Summer Time   A detailed announcement appeared in the pages of the Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society for 1916 explaining the terms of
  • 980606  Coronation Day 1953   A very large woman wreathed in smiles and a rather small austere-looking man rode down the Mall in an open carriage. The Queen of Tonga’s happy
  • 980704   Evaporation as a feature of the UK’s climate  When we learnt about the British climate in our geography lessons we were taught that the UK lay in the temperate zone, on
  • 980718   Buckingham Palace garden parties   Four times a year, during June and July, the Queen invites thousands of worthies from around the country – and the Commonwealth – to
  • 990102   Nothing new under the sun   It was a year of extremes: a drought followed by heavy rainstorms and floods, a single notable snowfall, a few exceptionally hot days, and
  • 990227   Weather and clothing  Have you ever stopped to think why you wear clothes? I mean all the reasons. For many of us it is simply a combination of modesty, adornment, and
  • 991009   Temperatures deep underground  Why do people keep wine in a cellar? The answer is pretty obvious: left there for any length of time it should not be subject to wide
  • 991016   Temperatures in the garden  The temperature of the air in the shade has been recorded every day in this country for 250 years. Daily readings on the surface of the ground
  • 000212   Bad weather in Britain   It’s extraordinary what a sadistic old crone Mother Nature is. Even in a comparatively benign climate like our own we have gallons of water thrown at us
  • 000422   Easter – to fix or not to fix?  Easter Day is the original movable feast and it can occur on any date between March 22 and April 25. The reasons for this variability can be
  • 000424   Why does the date of Easter vary?  The Crucifixion, the Bible tells us, happened immediately before the Jewish festival of Passover, itself linked to the spring equinox and the
  • 000819   The “urban heat island” effect The city of Bath was the site of the first systematic study of the climate of an urban area. The study was undertaken by two geographers, William
  • 001028   Autumn colours  Autumn used to be my least favourite season. Then one year, while working in the Middle East, I returned home for some leave towards the end of October.
  • 001230   Weather & the Law  UFOs, asthma epidemics, murder enquiries, gas explosions: meteorologists are routinely asked for advice or comment about subjects which at first glance
  • 010120 US Inauguration Day weather  William H. Harrison, a mid-19th century president of the United States, is probably best known for having held office for just one month – the
  • 010224   JMW Turner and clouds  This year marks the 150th anniversary of the death of the great English landscape painter, J.M.W. Turner. In spite of a very limited formal education, he
  • 011013  Warm seas make it rain The weather we experience at any one moment is the result of a complex interaction of season, time of day, geography, and the characteristics of
  • 020112  Difference between weather and climate  From the earliest days of human history climate has controlled where human beings have settled, while weather events have helped
  • 020511  The weather and hay fever  The hay-fever season is almost upon us. It is rather earlier than usual this year thanks to the excellent growing season we have had. Many



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