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Ready-prepared articles on the UK’s climate by month and by season


  • 980221   Spring to winter flips   They think it’s all over. Some people have written off the winter even though February has not yet finished. “Winter, what winter?” was one
  • 980404   April showers   Showers feature prominently in this week’s forecast, but I suspect that this is not really the sort of rain we imagine when we think of April showers
  • 980411   Snow at Easter   White Easters have been more common that white Christmases over the last half century. These five decades encompass a period when
  • 980502   Snow in May   The blossom was out early this year thanks to the abnormally warm March. In some southern districts it’s already past its peak, and falling petals drift
  • 980509   Thunder in May   Although most Mays bring a brief chill reminder of the winter now past, many also bring a hing of the heat and humidity of the summer yet to come.
  • 980523   The late-spring bank holiday   It’s over thirty years now since the Whit Monday bank holiday was replaced by one fixed to the last Monday in May and re-named
  • 980530   Flaming June   Flaming June is almost upon us and the auspices are not encouraging. An argument can be made for considering June the month which, more
  • 980620   The Summer Solstice   The Druids, a selection of Pagans, and sundry other hangers on, are now gathering to celebrate or otherwise observe the summer solstice
  • 980627   A typical English summer   The English summer, it has been said, consists of two fine days and a thunderstorm. This assertion has been various attributed to Charles II
  • 980801   August in Britain   It’s a standing joke that farmers grumble about everything, not least the weather. I don’t believe it for one minute, of course, and even if they do
  • 980905  September in Britain  The keepers of the official statistics regard September as the first month of autumn. For them this is a matter of convenience rather than anything
  • 980926  What is an Indian Summer?  “You can’t have a true Indian Summer until you’ve had a Squaw Winter.” So it is said in New England, where the phrase probably
  • 981003  October in Britain  The kids are out foraging for conkers, the leaves on the trees are beginning to change colour, and those of us with fruit trees in our gardens are
  • 981017  The changing face of October  Octobers are getting warmer. The gradual warming of the British climate over the last 120 years which mirrors the global warming
  • 981031  November in Britain  There are two standard images of November. On the one hand we may have day after day of grey, gloomy, misty weather, occasional thick fogs,
  • 990109  January in Britain   “Generals January and February will fight for us.” Tsar Nicholas I, 1853. These two Russian generals are undoubtedly very dangerous
  • 990206  February in Britain  Way back in the distant past, when most of Britain’s population lived in the country and eked out a meagre living from the land, February was
  • 990306   March winds   March has a reputation as a windy month, and certainly there have been several historic March gales down the ages. This windiness is enshrined in
  • 990410   April in Britain   “Fickle” is a word often used to describe April’s weather. We all know what sort of weather we would like to get at this time of the year, and we all know
  • 990424   Easterly winds in spring   Easterly winds have been conspicuous by their absence in recent years. As the prevailing wind direction over the UK is southwesterly
  • 990703   July in Britain   Leaden skies and scuds of drizzle greeted participants and spectators alike on the first day of the Henley Royal Regatta last week, but warm sunshine
  • 990731   Lammas and late-summer   The ancient feast of Lammas lasts from sundown on July 31 to sundown on August 1 and in the mediaeval calendar it marked the transition
  • 990904   September rains   “September blow soft / Till the fruit’s in the loft”   This old country saying – an exhortation, really, to Mother Nature  – recognises that September is a
  • 000826   August bank holiday  Allegedly, bank holiday weekends nearly always bring bad weather. Sadly, this one seems determined to slip into character as the present brief
  • 001125   November sunshine  Bright sunshine streams through my window as I write this column on Friday morning, the blue sky streaked with whispy cirrus clouds, and it strikes



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