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Ready-prepared articles on snowstorms and icestorms


  • 981107  Jersey snowstorm, Nov 1980  Rockall apart, they are geographically the most remote part of the British Isles, although ‘remote’ is not a word that most people would
  • 981226   Boxing Day snowfalls  White Christmases have been few and far between during the last 100 years, but a trawl through the record books shows that white Boxing
  • 990925   September snow   September 25 appears twice in London’s meteorological annals – in 1885 and 1895.  The two entries epitomise the fickleness of the British
  • 991002   October snow   October weather varies enormously from one year to another. It is essentially an autumn month, of course, but occasionally winter boldly invades, two
  • 991218   White Christmases  The twentieth century produced a handful of White Christmases although snow lay countrywide only in 1981, 1970 and 1938. Arguably the
  • 000311   Unexpected snowstorm, March 1970  On the front page of The Times the summary weather forecast proclaimed “sunny and cold”. But even as the paper was read
  • 000624   Snow in June   Snow, a heatwave, hailstorms, record-breaking sunshine, a drought, and a damaging frost: that sequence of events sums up Britain’s oddest June
  • 001216  Pre-Christmas snowstorm of 1920  Pre-Christmas snowstorms are rare in the UK, and most of those which have happened – in 1909, 1938, 1950, 1981 and 1990, for
  • 001223   The White Christmas of 1938  The last Christmas before the Second World War, that of 1938,  was arguably the 'whitest' of the twentieth century. Snow fell daily
  • 010210  The wrong kind of snow”  What can you remember of ten years ago? With a little bit of memory jogging, most people recall three things from February 1991. The Gulf
  • 010317  Our snowiest winters  This year brought a reversion to rather more normal winter weather compared with the recent long run of mild years. Some seem to think it
  • 011207  Snow on the ground  Snow is one of the most variable aspects of the British climate – variable both in space and in time. Snow or sleet is observed to fall on just two
  • 011215  Pre-Christmas snowstorms, 1981  Over 20 years ago Britain experienced one of the coldest and snowiest months of the last century. Severe weather is generally much
  • 011222  More in white Christmases  If the early computer predictions are right, this year may well deliver one of those rare Christmases when significant amounts of snow fall in
  • 020125  The great south Wales snowstorm of ‘82  Major snowstorms in the UK in the last ten years can be counted on the fingers of one hand, in marked contrast to the 1980s
  • 020330  White Easters In some parts of the UK 'white' Easters have occurred marginally more frequently than 'white' Christmases during the twentieth entury. Snow showers
  • 020928  September snow in Munich  Snow fell in Munich on 25 September 2002, coating cars with slush and disrupting traffic heading south towards the Austrian border.
  • 021220  Snow lay for 70 days The winter of 1962-63 is remembered by all of us who were around at the time; it was easily the coldest winter (not the snowiest – that was
  • 021227  Snow in the 1990s  The winters of the last 15 years have been mostly mild and snow-free, but there have also been occasional spells of wintry weather. Some of these
  • 030222  The New York snowstorm of 2003  The ferocious snowstorm which hit  the eastern seaboard of the USA in Feb 2003 was described as the worst for eight decades
  • 031220  The White Christmas of 1968  The most memorable white Christmas of my youth happened in 1968. Not everyone who was around at the time will recall it because
  • 031226  The snowstorms of Dec 1995  It is almost impossible to change the view, often heard in casual conversation, that they don’t make winters like they used to. Professional
  • 040124  The snowy January of 1984  Our coldest winters in Britain do not always bring widespread snowfalls. February 1986 was a case in point: there have been only three
  • 040207  Birmingham seizes up  "GRIT-GATE", the Birmingham Evening Mail called it. Yes, Birmingham, along with several other towns and cities enjoyed a brief taste of winter