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  • 980418The start of the cricket seasonThe new cricket season crept in almost unnoticed last week. The first two matches, at the Parks in Oxford and Fenners in
  • 990508†† World Cup cricket in England†† The last time the cricket world cup was held in England was in 1999, and I was horrified when I learnt that the first matches were
  • 990605†† Derby Day weather†† Summer sporting events are often at the mercy of the weather. A wet June can lay waste Wimbledon, Ascot, a couple of Test Matches, Henley,
  • 000701†† Wimbledon weather†† Cliff Richardís services may not be required in the future if the Wimbledon authorities go ahead with plans to cover the main courts, but the rain
  • 001111Cricket weather in PakistanWhen the England cricket team tour Pakistan, the Test Match venues are normally Lahore, Faisalabad, and Karachi. The weather is rarely
  • 020525Football World Cup 2002The England football squad's "acclimatisation trip" to Dubai certainly raised some eyebrows in meteorological circles. The searing heat,
  • 020622More on Wimbledon weatherWe in Britain are not alone in having our sporting activities disrupted by the weather. In the last two weeks alone rain has
  • 021109The Ashes tour of AustraliaThe England cricket team, under the cosh again in Australia, may be hoping that the weather will intervene to save them Ė as it did on
  • 040306Cricket in the West IndiesIn less hectic times, the England cricket team used to tour the West Indies from January until March, but this yearís visit has only just begun
  • 991128Cricket in South AfricaWhen England toured South Africa during the winter of 1999-2000 they encountered one of the wettest seasons on record in the republic, and
  • 000514The first mid-May Test MatchWhen England met Zimbabwe in the First Test Match of the 2000 season at Lordís on May 18, it was by almost a fortnight the earliest
  • 010521The coldest Test Match day in historyRain prevented any play on the first day of the First Test Match between England and Pakistan on 17th May 2001. It is an easy thing
  • 020623Whirlwind at Royal AscotThe rather sedate proceedings at Royal Ascot were enlivened on Thursday afternoon when a small whirlwind caused havoc among the race-goers
  • 9805xxDerby Day 1911What would Gilbert and Sullivan have made of it?The SS Titanic was launched in Belfast, a horse called Sunstar won the Derby on a day of enervating heat and
  • 9605yySnow on the cricket ground at BuxtonThe cold north wind set in during the closing days of May, but cold as it was, everyone was astonished when snow showers turned up on


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