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Ready-prepared articles on tornadoes and whirlwinds


  • 980110  The Selsey Tornado   Whatever next … an earthquake, perhaps? Or a plague of locusts? The good burghers of Selsey must be wondering what on earth they have done
  • 000520   The Bedfordshire Tornado of 1950  Tornadoes never happen in Britain; reports in the press are either exaggerations or just figments of the imagination brought on by the stress
  • 010331   British tornadoes, an overview  It is only in recent decades that British meteoro-logists have acknowledged that the UK has a sizeable crop of tornadoes every year, although
  • 020518  The Tibshelf (Derbys) tornado  Tibshelf, an unassuming Derbyshire mining village some sixteen miles north of Derby and six miles west of Mansfield, hit the headlines exactly
  • 021025  Funnel clouds  The disturbed weather earlier this week brought a concoction of rain, snow, hail and thunder, and there were even a few reports of funnel clouds seen of the coast
  • 040117  Cardiff waterspout, Jan ’04  Arguably the best meteorological photo-opportunity in Britain in January 2004 was provided by a vigorous waterspout off the Glamorgan coast, not
  • 990411  USA’s most tornadoes in a day  Thirty years ago, on 3rd and 4th April 1974, the USA suffered its greatest ever outbreak of tornadoes. In the space of just twelve hours,
  • 990509  How to survive a tornado  I would certainly invest in a tornado cellar if I lived in Oklahoma City. I was amazed to learn that fewer than 25 per cent of the residents of that city
  • 990711  Tornadoes in the Midlands, 1999  On the 5th of July 1999 there was a small clutch of tornadoes in the English Midlands – one in Rugely, one in Cannock, and one in Selly Oak.
  • 9705xx  May 1997, a crop of tornadoes  A mid-month thundery episode which brought several local falls of ‘giant’ hailstones and a number of small tornadoes will form the one